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Lean Six Sigma
Management Operating System
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Implementation of Lean Six Sigma

The value-enhancing program for your company

Your company's success and your market position depend on the quality of your products.

Six Sigma stands for a strategic and entrepreneurial orientation that increases the performance of processes so that only 3.4 errors per million error possibilities occur.
Lean stands for lean processes and the elimination of waste.
Lean Six Sigma is a business philosophy that consistently involves every employee from the general manager to the worker. The idea is to identify errors and waste in processes, measure them and then systematically eliminate them. A number of quality tools are used for this purpose, including in particular statistical methods.

The method, which can be used to achieve measurable improvements quickly, is based on a standardized five-step approach. Allwell-known Lean Six Sigma companies apply the so-called DMAIC cycle.
The results of a Lean Six Sigma project can be measured in monetary terms. The introduction of Lean Six Sigma usually pays for itself within the first year,i.e. the initial investment is more than compensated for by the benefits achieved.

The implementation of Lean Six Sigma brings measurable benefits to your company. I train and coach your employees. In doing so, I am not a typical teacher, because in addition to training, I take program responsibility and stay by your side until you achieve your goals.

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Heben Sie sich ab – Digitalisierung

Development of use cases for digitization

Stand out

Successful digitization means using innovation to create unique experiences for customers, suppliers and employees.

To do this, you need to understand their businessprocesses in detail and come up with scenarios (or use cases) to make theirwork easier.
In many companies, however, digitization is thought of in too technical a way.

When developing use cases, we answer six questions:

Together with you, I develop the digitization strategythat gives you the greatest possible competitive advantage. We base ourapproach on practical experience and create tangible added value for customers,employees and suppliers.
Your company will become more profitable and more crisis-proof.

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Unterstützung vor Ort – lassen Sie sich helfen

Leading with clarity

No more flying blind - with your management operating system

Make the right decisions with the right data at any time.

With the introduction of a management and control system you increase the quality of key figures, reports and meetings and permanently increase the efficiency of your company. You can achieve this with your Management Operating System (MOS).

In addition, the application of this framework brings about a change in behavior: leaders and managers actively work together, live transparency and create a culture in which impending losses are recognized early on and problems are solved sustainably. Constant troubleshooting is no longer necessary.

The approach originally comes from store floor management,but is now implemented throughout the company. It is particularly suitable for production companies, but also for logistics companies and organizations that provide standardized services on a large scale.

The Management Operating System (MOS) increases efficiency and reduces losses.

When building your management operating system, itis important to focus on what is essential and effective for your business. I involve your managers and employees in this process and bring in my experience from different industries.
In this way, you receive a Management Operating System that precisely meets your specific requirements and provides you with an effective management tool.

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